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1. What Equipment you Need!
A few items that are needed and or nice to have when making a pizza at home! — Listed below (affiliate links):

The list is in two parts - the first part are must haves to make a great pizza at home. The second part are things that are recommended but not mandatory (they make the process much easier and or foolproof :-)

Must haves!

Good - Pizza Stone or pizza steel to bake on. If just starting out, I recommend a Cordierite stone - Basic Pizza Stone
Better - Bigger is better when it comes to stones -so if it will fit in your oven this is a better choice.
Best - And thicker is better - so if you can afford it, this one will work really well!

Wooden Pizza Peel to slide pizza into the oven

Metal peel for pulling turning and removing the pizza from the oven


Pizza Cutting Wheel (you could use scissors or knife but a wheel is preferred)
Scale to measure water and flour

Scale to measure the small amount ingredients (yeast, salt, oil etc.)

Rolling pin (or wine bottle — best to use until you get proficient).

Instant read thermometer, a cheap one works fine - something like this.

Everything else you need you likely already own or can pick up at the grocery store!
Hi, A good Pizza maker need all this equipment. Right
Well just want to start with you all so I am Hazel and quite a foodie. I also enthusiast about my health and fitness. Since childhood, only my mom take me in her kitchen so I am also a good cook. Pizza is one of my favorite food items especially corn type.

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